So, I’ve come up with a small roadmap for this project (up to version 0.3). 0.1, as promised, should be ready this summer (meaning, at least before the end of August). 0.2 should come out before new year. 0.3 should come out the next summer, if not sooner.
(Major) release versions, estimated time of release and major features:
0.1 (31.8.2011)
  • Basic (inter)actions - movement, (melee) attack, killing, dying, xp, leveling up?, picking stuff up?
  • inventory(?)
  • console/terminal based
  • random generation
  • dungeon save format(?)
0.2 (31.12.2011)
  • SDL/SMFL/OpenGL (not quite decided yet)
  • inventory
  • skills (basic)
  • more detailed/fleshed out leveling up
  • debug/developer-mode
  • dungeon save format
  • save game format
  • spellcasting (?)
  • ruleset v. 1.0 should be finished by now
0.3 (1.6.2012)
  • more skills
  • basic special abilities/attacks
  • dialogue
  • more interaction
  • classes and races
  • character generation
  • ruleset fixes, should they be needed

Hopefully I'll get 0.2 and 0.3 out sooner than planned, but 0.1 release date is pretty much what it will probably be.

Hey, also, if you have Tumblr, you might to want to follow the project there, there will be less general gamedev-yammering there and more about "what has happened". At least there'll be once I have a little bit more time, at the moment I have final exams for this Spring and two larger schoolprojects going on.

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