I've been drowned in schooldwork lately, and now that I'm getting out of them, I got sick. Brilliant. My nose has been running non-stop for the last 12 hours, and the same thing the day before this one. I feel really heavy-headed. So, not much real work has been done, and I've mainly been playing video games and playing around with concepts and ideas.

I've been thinking about changing the way leveling up works. Instead of the generic DnD-like way of "new talents and abilities per levels", I've been thinking about what if you basically had acces to every ability and spell from the start, but might not be able to use them until you level up enough and gained enough of Mana Points/Power Points/Focus Points/X Points to actually use them?
This would, in my opinion, open up a way to much more varied character progression than usually, you could either be a one-shot nuke them all machine or a steady machine gun just blasting everything slowly. The thing is, I find the 'generic' way much more easier to balance than the above-mentioned way. But I find myself more and more aligned to use the above-mentioned way, as I feel that it would give even more incentive to players to explore outside their base class and multiclass to something else, as classes would share the same points when using abilities. What do you think? Of course, changing the style would require also changing lots of things in the ruleset, but it's nothing completely impossible to do.

What else have I been busying my mind with... well, game ideas of course. A ToEE/Fallout-like RPG set in the Metro 2033-universe with turn-based combat just makes me feel all tingly and warm inside. A horror game where you play a blind person, who 'sees' in black and white, and might not notice that things have changed until he actually touches them. Soundscape would be very important.

Well, that is all for now.

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