Tribulations in porting software

Long time no update, time to fix that!

So, last night my friend Morg asked me to port a certain tool (namely, ttm_unpack) to Python from C, since he didn't want to introduce a C-compiler as a dependency for GOGonLinux project. A quick note about GOGonLinux - the project's main task is to make installing games from GOG on Linux as easy as possible. I'm an avid supporter and follower and this is my first major contribution to the project. Join us on #gogonlinux @ freenode and contribute to the codebase!

Back to the topic at hand, since we already had the C-code available I thought "why not?" and said yes, since I thought it would take an hour at maximum with testing.

How wrong can a man be?  Very wrong, I'll tell you that. But in the end, we succeeded, and you can download ttm_unpack_py from my Github-page.

So, what kind of problems did we have while porting the tool?