A very short yet image-rich update

 I still can't draw, but luckily my girlfriend knows how to use Paint and Photoshop.

I've decided to implement "simple gravity": whenever object is not upon platform, it's speed on Y-axis is multiplied by -1. If I have enough time I'll do something better.


Just another short update

Finally got the gravity working on the platformer. The jumping, not so much. It seems to have some tricky parts, but I guess I'll manage to do it if I can just grab the motivation from somewhere. At the moment the roguelike-project just buuuuurns in my hands and I can't wait to get on to it. But priorization is the first thing to do now, I'll have to work for this damned "blop gets keys, avoids ghosts and loots some sweet-ass treasure"-platformer. Oh, and have I mentioned already that I just love XNA? It makes everything so damn easy. Although I hate the way Visual Studio puts all my wavebrackets on their own lines. It's infuriating! And why are the line number-options so well hidden? It took me some time in Google to find out how to turn them on! Unforgivable.


Just a quick update

So, I've finally got random dungeon generation working, although it could use a lot of tweaking (especially for getting those lovely long corridors!) and making corridors actually make sense. I'll include the source code in the end, so if you're interested you can have a look at it. Next up: including player character into the screen and enabling movement and collisions!

The platformer, on the other hand, progresses rather slow. I've just started implementing some kind of gravity to it, but it seems to be rather tricky from time to time. Hopefully it'll sort out in time. (Also, I suck at drawing so the game will most likely be hideous).


Starting developing games

This year I will start developing some games. The first one is a game made with C# using XNA 3.0 (I yet don't have any idea what it will be like!) and the second one, a larger and more ambitious one, will be made using C++.

But first something little about me. I am 20 year old student in University of Oulu, majoring in Information Processing Science and also taking courses in mathematics. I have pretty much very little experience in programming, thus far I've programmed with Java for about a year and C/C++ for three months. I've great ambition in making games, although I understand that right now these projects will most likely be more than I can chew, but what I've learned about programming in this short time is that one must learn from one's mistakes. And what would be a better way to make mistakes than creating a game?