JARL status update ft. Link Dump Time III

Okay, so, long time, no update, let's do a little fix on that. I've been writing a little rant about gaming and my opinions on it, but this is not the time for it, so let's have a little status update on JARL instead, and some interesting links again.
This is what success tastes like
So, JARL. I've been working on the ruleset, and will update it soon to much more complete version. I've also been playing with SDL a little, so it will most certainly be featured on release 0.1 and as such, makes the chances of having tileset much more likely. Also, I've begun to rewrite most of the code, as internal logic was getting way too hard to follow. Now it's much more clear and better designed.

Also: there are now 11 character classes, I may add one more if I have time. 12 races still. Aaaand... Tumblr failed me, and now the original projectblog on Tumblr is inaccessible by me, I can't edit or anything. So, when I gain some inspiration, I'll just put a new one up.

And then, links:
A modeling tutorial series for XNA using Blender. Seems pretty nice, though I haven't much experience in either modeling nor Blender in particular.

Alternative way of making 2D animations using skeletal animations. "A word of warning: while skeletal animation helps solve some problems with memory, loading times, smoothness, it is not a silver bullet."

How to make fewer mistakes at writing code. This oughta interest everyone who does any coding. Read through, it's very interesting read.

A chapter on book called "The Architecture of Open Source Applications", this particular chapter being about The Battle of Wesnoth. Really interesting read. "Our developers attempted to lay the foundations for broadening accessibility right from its earliest iteration. This would have undeniable consequences for all aspect of the programming architecture. Major decisions were made largely with this objective in mind. This chapter will provide an in-depth examination of our program with a focus on the efforts to increase accessibility"

Cliffski is angry that indie seems to mean these days the same as "cheap" and "unpolished". I agree with him, it makes no sense. Valve is basically indie company, you see.

Remember to have secure passwords.

Thomas from Frictional Games takes on the subject "Player - the artist?" and I do agree with him very much. "Consider doing a trek through the woods. Even if several people follow the same route in the same forest, each one will have with very different experiences. Some might take side-tracks, have some unique encounters, do the trekking at a different pace, etc. The possibilities are essentially endless. The person doing the journey shapes his/her experience in a unique way and has a big responsibility in how it all turns out. Still, this is not an artistic endeavor."

That's all for now, enjoy.

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