Back again (also, I have Twitter now!)


So, we got back from Paris late in the Saturday evening. What a refreshing holiday, I have to say. Although my French was rusty, I managed to communicate with the locals (although from time to time we had to use English). Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Mona Lisa, Versailles... we visited a lot of places, but many were left out, like the Catacombs. I feel a whole lot more cheerful and powered up in all ways, which is a good thing, because I'm going to have hellalot coding ahead of me.


Just another generic post title


I finished (finally!) the second deadline version of the platformer. It is ugly and very, very rough. But it works (with some major flaws). For the last deadline all it takes is some smoothing around the edges, little randomization and so forth. When it is done I'll probably get busy with the roguelike, although the gamedev club of ours has a few projects coming up in which I have some interest taking part in. I won't spoil the surprise though, I'll tell you more later (if I happen to become a member of developer team for project).



Sooooo, long time no update. I'll just write some major thoughts right now.

After being lazy for too long I took up the coding again and actually got around to write the code for jumping. It worked (in a way, at least), but when it came to collision detection everything went to hell. I simply failed to make it so, that the blob would stop when it lands on platform - instead it fell happily through. It turned out I had some major flaws in code (especially considering hitboxes and rectangles) and so I decided to ditch the old code and begin writing new (which wouldn't take long, as I had some pretty good tutorials and examples at my hand). I wonder if I get the code ready tonight (it's now three days late from deadline!) and if it is any good for further use. Hopefully so, stay tuned!