Role-playing games and mechanics

I've been doing a lot of designing lately and I just thought that I should make a post about what I feel about role-playing games and their mechanics. These are my opinions, and if you disagree with some points, feel free to comment. Be warned, wall of text inboud.

Edited: note to self - do not write while sleepy, you'll forget a lot of things and jump out of the text.


Link Dump Time

Nothing fancy going on, so I thought that I might as well dump some of those links that I've stored under "Interesting, read soon"-section of my bookmarks.

Treat paying customers better than potential customers. Remember those times when you bought a boxed copy of a video game and it included about 200-page manual, maybe maps and other fancy stuff? What happened to those times, one would think that all this extra stuff would make your purchase feel more worth your money.

A nice article about video game music.

A short history of graphical adventure games. Well worth your time, and nostalgia.

What if the data collected from video gamers means that the games will be less complex? An example: in ME2, Soldier was the most played class and was played more than every other class combined. What if some CEO draws conclusions, that because of this, there really isn't need for the other classes?

Game Developement articles and tutorials. Well worth your time.

Interested abot gameloop? Go read.

A basic dungeon building algorithm for roguelikes. If you're interested, go read.

Pixel Art tutorials. I didn't learn anything, but I'm not really visual artist. Anyway, good tutorials.

And something not so serious:
Need a name for your video game? Here you go.

Good design advice. Fucking good.