Link Dump Time II

So, I decided to start rewriting the whole project because I had designed pretty much everything backwards. Instead of fixing it I decided it would be far more easy to just copy some of the code and write more flexible code. I've laid down some fundamental features that JARL (the project name for the roguelike) will feature.

  • AI-companion(s)
  • 12 playable races and 12-14 playable classes (I gotta settle this down as soon as possible)
  • Multiclassing
  • Skill system with synergies (if you have high skill in Acrobatics, you get a small bonus to Dodge or something like that)
  • Dungeons will be created with different themes (catacombs, dungeons, tunnels, arena, etc)
  • World map
I'm starting the rewrite by rewriting the dungeon generation code. I feel it is too limited at the moment, with only straight tunnels and square rooms having tops 2 doors. What I want is that rooms might have more doors and tunnels might be shaped like T or X or even |----|--|, if you understand what I'm trying to say.

But hey, some links that I've picked up along the way!

File destructor, just when you desperately need more time for your homeworks.

A blog about FOSS-games and development

Automatic CS-paper generator.

Generating random fractal terrain. An interesting read alright.

Want to make a game? This is a must.

Why Getter and Setter are evil.

A nice program to make tilesets.

An interesting read about the way how Crash Bandicoot came to be.

What makes an RPG an RPG? About the same subject I posted last time.

AI programming in Java

Oh hey, it's summertime! Damn, we jumped an hour, and it's 5 am?


  1. Yo dude, I really like your shit.

  2. Just posting to say that i am waiting your game.