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I finished (finally!) the second deadline version of the platformer. It is ugly and very, very rough. But it works (with some major flaws). For the last deadline all it takes is some smoothing around the edges, little randomization and so forth. When it is done I'll probably get busy with the roguelike, although the gamedev club of ours has a few projects coming up in which I have some interest taking part in. I won't spoil the surprise though, I'll tell you more later (if I happen to become a member of developer team for project).

I've been looking into some programming paradigms now with the course focused on OOP. Quite handy stuff, I sure could use some of those when making the roguelike. I've made some plans about how it will shape up, but before implementing those I'll have to think further about their impact and actually getting some basic things working, like moving and splitting the screen into three parts or so.

Now I'll have some time to relax, hopefully play some video games and so forth. I haven't had the luxury of the time for playing games for a few weeks now, excluding some quick ins-and-outs in Minecraft. The worst part? I've got about bazillion new games to play, but the only one I've had time to actually test/play is Minecraft, because it's so easy to drop in and out. I've got games like Fable II, Tales of Monkey Island, Darkness Within II, Dawn of War, Torchlight, Civilization 4, Arsenal of Democracy, Medievil Resurrection, the original Silent Hill and Resident Evil 1-3, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2... the list just goes on forever. Luckily I had some friends this evening here and we played some very good Nintendo 64-games, like Turok, Mario Party, Mario Kart etc. It was quite a shock that most of those games were released 13 or 14 years ago. Not really much has happened in the gaming besides of graphics. Shame.

Well, that's all for now, I guess. Gotta get some sleep and so forth. I just realized that within 50 hours I'll be inside an aeroplane headed for France. Makes me nervous for some reason, probably because my French is way too rusty. Maybe I'll succeed brushing it up within 48 hours if I'll do it intensly? No? Thought so too. Oh well.

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