Sooooo, long time no update. I'll just write some major thoughts right now.

After being lazy for too long I took up the coding again and actually got around to write the code for jumping. It worked (in a way, at least), but when it came to collision detection everything went to hell. I simply failed to make it so, that the blob would stop when it lands on platform - instead it fell happily through. It turned out I had some major flaws in code (especially considering hitboxes and rectangles) and so I decided to ditch the old code and begin writing new (which wouldn't take long, as I had some pretty good tutorials and examples at my hand). I wonder if I get the code ready tonight (it's now three days late from deadline!) and if it is any good for further use. Hopefully so, stay tuned!
All I need to add at this point is to get through the deadline:

  • ghosts, that move on y-axis and can harm the player, but also be destroyed (maybe)
  • key, to be picked up
  • door, to be opened only if key is had
  • treasure, to be picked up
On other news, I'll be leaving next week to Paris! Pretty excited, too bad my French is very, very rusty. Gotta try to brush it up quickly or we'll end up wandering around like headless ducks. If I end up taking some pictures there I JUST might end up uploading some here (even though they're not strictly game developement-related, mind you). Umm, I wonder if there's anything else on my mind... Guess not. See you around!

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