Hi again! So, I promised a text about classes and races and whatnot, so here it comes! I have a lot of thoughts at the moment about these classes and races and am likely to add and change things as the project is still starting, but anyways.

Code is coming nicely, dungeon generation is almost complete, it just needs a little tweaking so that I can parametrize dungeon creation, meaning there could be catacomb-like dungeons, arena-like dungeons and so forth.

Also, if you have any feedback or suggestions or whatever, please, feel free to tell me.

Ps. It's freaking cold outside. Dang.

Edit:// it seems something broke, but I fixed the text size.
Your everyday man/woman for smashing and bashing needs

  • Knight [excels at hand-to-hand combat, heavily armed and armoured]
  • Archer [excels at ranged combat, not so capable in hand-to-hand combat]
  • Skirmisher [good at both, master of neither]
Mongol General: Conan, what is best in life? Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!
Your basic Barbarian, little armour, tons of health and an insatiable hunger to kill, crush, maim and burn.

  • The Savage [prefers going into combat with blind rage]
  • Beastmaster [not so capable in melee-combat as The Savage, but compensates this with animal companions]
Casting spells all day long sounds good to you? I'm your choice!

  • Arcane Mage [the generalist: not specialized in any school of magic and have thus little weaker spells in general, but compensate it with larger manapool]
  • Black Mage [the necromancer and curser. Not as powerful as the Wizard Necromancer, but can cast a lot more spells]
  • War Mage [melee and magic can go hand in hand. Not so great mage, not so great fighter, but has a lot more survivability than your average Mage]
Dwelling in to the secrets of magic and knowing it by heart. Isn't capable of casting as many spells as a mage, but via Metamagic Talents can have more powerful spells.

  • Necromancer [Raise undead, cast curses, drain abilities. Your usual necromancer]
  • Elementalist [Master of elemental magic - fireballs, lighting bolts and elemental creatures]
  • Arcane Master [The generalist, like Arcane Mage - not specialized in any special school of magic. Jack of all trades, master of none, so to say]
The ancient wisdom is close to your heart? Want to have the most powerful spells (also known as Words)?

  • Occultist [The chaotic one, dwelling deep into forgotten magic and Words, often with unforeseen effects and consequences]
  • Mystic [Dwells deep into the inner meanings of Words, thus being able to channel more Mana into their spells, making them more effective]
  • The Prophet [Knows many streams of Mana, and is able to combine them, thus being able to have multiple desired effects on spells]
Religion is close to your heart, as is your will to aid. You know most of the prayers by heart.

  • Warpriest [Your general cleric - mace swinging and metal-clad priest in the battlefield]
  • Grand Priest [Higher chance of success for prayer, more prayers per day, less able in combat]
  • Fanatic [Prayers are more powerful than anyone else's, not able to wear heavy armour]
Inner focus, knowledge and wisdom, balance of the mind. The road, the mountain, the fire and the will.

  • The Path of Strong Mountain [favoring ability to defend one-self, favoring defensive abilities over hostile ones]
  • The Path of Inner Fire [favoring ability to use the inner fire to dish out a lot of damage in hand-to-hand combat]
  • The Path of Great Will [Not so capable in melee-combat, but more focused on inner peace and abilities, granting magical abilities and support abilities]
Crush the heathens, defend the Empire, hunt demons and witches alike.

  • The Witch Hunter [Focuses on defence against magic, granting also more abilities to cast counterspells or regular spells]
  • The Demonhammer [Focuses on fighting demons and otherworldly beasts, have a good survivability and can provide auras to bolster their allies]
  • Templar [Gain more abilities in melee combat than any other paladin, prayers are more effective]
Shapeshifting, herbalism, love for the nature.

  • Shapeshifter [Have more shapeshifting abilities, get greater bonuses while shapeshifting]
  • Naturalists [Have greater abilities to cast spells and are somewhat capable in combat]
  • Keeper of Forest [Have access to the strongest nature spells and good knowledge of healing spells, also animal companions. Generally more of a restoration-type of character instead of destruction]
Singing songs, making the ladies laugh. Jack of all trades, master of none. Capable of combat and spellcasting, but mastering neither.

  • Warchanter [More able in combat, and songs have greater bonuses on combat abilities]
  • Spellsinger [Have access to stronger spells than other bards, less capable in combat than regular bards]
  • Virtuoso of Song [Songs have significant bonuses at the cost of spellcasting and combat abilities]
Hunter, warden. They know their ways in the nature, and are able to track most of the creatures easily.

  • Warden of Woods [Bonuses while in forests, knowing herbalism, know both melee and ranged weapons, although favour melee weapons]
  • Animalist [Can have more and stronger animal companions than other Rangers, bonuses against animal enemies and beastmen]
  • Hunter [More focused on ranged combat, gaining abilities to shoot multiple arrows and such]
Thiefs, assassins, spies, all that you would need for your dark deeds and conspiracies.

  • Assassin [Master of poison, adept at hiding and striking from behind]
  • Master Rogue [Good at combat and sneaky ways, but mastering neither]

Your everyday men and women - one extra talent at level 1 and one extra skill point per level, but no special abilities.

Tough little people, that just aren't all that agile. Bonuses while underground, hard to knock down.

High Elves
Magic and alchemy, a little fragile but highly educated.

Wood Elves
People of the forest, agile but a little fragile.

Dark Elves
Elves living in the underground, have ability to see in the dark via Infravision.

Small people, not so strong but ever so agile. And such nimble fingers, tinkering with locks and mechanisms.

Small creatures with a major interest in technology and magic.

Ugly men and women, who are a cross-breed from men and orcs. Strong, but ugly.

Huge creatures, ugly and dumb, but very strong. Has the ability to regenerate lost health faster than others.

Undead, have resistance to magic and poison. Not really good looking creatures, but being dead has its drawbacks.

Beastmen, and large ones. Has resistance against fire magic and is harder to knock down.

I also have a few race and class ideas, which I'll say just shortly.

Bladedancer - two swords, prefers mobility and ability to dodge and parry over brute strength and heavy armour.
Psionic - power of the mind is his/her strength, seeing the future and reading thoughts and controlling minds. Manipulator extraordinaire.

Drakelings/Drakenkind - has high resistance against magic and especially fire, and has high wisdom and magical knowledge, but suffers from bad charisma and lack of agility

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