Just another short update

Finally got the gravity working on the platformer. The jumping, not so much. It seems to have some tricky parts, but I guess I'll manage to do it if I can just grab the motivation from somewhere. At the moment the roguelike-project just buuuuurns in my hands and I can't wait to get on to it. But priorization is the first thing to do now, I'll have to work for this damned "blop gets keys, avoids ghosts and loots some sweet-ass treasure"-platformer. Oh, and have I mentioned already that I just love XNA? It makes everything so damn easy. Although I hate the way Visual Studio puts all my wavebrackets on their own lines. It's infuriating! And why are the line number-options so well hidden? It took me some time in Google to find out how to turn them on! Unforgivable.

(If you are wondering how to turn them on: http://alensiljak.blogspot.com/2008/07/showing-line-numbers-in-visual-studio.html and third comment.


To display line numbers in the code window (aka. Text Editor) do this ...

1. Tools > Options > Text Editor > All Languages > General

2. On the right, under Display section, put tick mark for Line numbers.

3. Press OK.

Thats all.

On other news, I still can't draw even to save my life. All I tried to do was a simple blop and, well... see for yourself. It ain't beautiful, so it's probably wise that you don't show it to your children. Or if you show it, please tell them that this is what happens if you don't pay attention in school.

Just another blop.
God I hate drawing.
My girlfriend says that every time I try to draw a heart, it looks like an ass. As in human ass. Tells something about me. Or maybe her, or about both. Dunno. The point still stands, I can't draw (not good drawings, at least).

Also, I was at gamedev-club formation-meeting tonight. Free beer, whoo \o\ Mostly people from the university, but also some from the university of applied sciences. We'll be getting a domain soon enough, I'll tell you about it here when we get it. We planned some of the things we should be doing in the future, like gamejams, putting up a wiki, maybe we could get some place for the club for meetings, stuff like that. Nothing is strictly decided yet, so we shall see what happens.

If you'd like to help me out and draw a better blop, please do!

Current TODO-list:

  • Add jumping so it works
  • Draw some ghosts, keys, doors and treasures
  • Add sounds?
  • Maybe implement some colors for the ghosts and blop so there could be more variation in gameplay?
  • Organize the code better
  • Add classes
  • Calculate player points, maybe even store them in a file?


  • Add player movement and collision detection
  • Customize and tweak the random dungeon generation code
  • Make it so that the player can move from one level to other
  • Player-NPC-interaction
  • Monster pathfinding and AI
  • finish the game system (combat rules etc)
  • Add world map
  • Add a whole lot of monsters and random-generated items and whatnot
  • Dance with the vacuum cleaner around the apartment
  • Go to sleep
  • Do some more maths
  • Find out why sky is blue
  • Try to get some money
  • Play video games
  • ???

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